You want to do a task in your new and fancy Cloud Environment very often, like copying over Database Tables for near-realtime reporting? Your Azure WebJobs only allow hourly jobs? Your middleware implementation is far too complicated?
Welcome to WebHookCaller, this piece of Software calls Urls with a Cron Scheme, to have the flexibility of setting up what your business demands!

For a full technical overview see here!


  • runs as a Windows Service
  • Easy Installation
  • clear JSON Standardized Configuration
  • Full Enterprise ready documentation
  • Flexibel Usage
  • Helps the "improvise. adapt. overcome." Pattern!


Increase Azure Automation Call Speed

In this scenario, you have your fancy new Azure WebApp environment and want to automate stuff using Automation Accounts. Everything goes according to plan, until you are the victim of your own success - update intervals need to be below one hour, the magic border with automation accounts. There are some workarounds but they come with more administrative effort and complexity, like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60818866/how-to-schedule-runbook-based-on-minutes-in-azure-automation-account.

You can also go down the road of upgrading certain parts of Azure or adding some functions calls which add to your architecture complexity!

With this product, you can create webhooks per runbook and call them via their Url! Unlike implementations via Middleware or other tools, this tool is solely dedicated to this purpose, transparent and uncomplicated!

This is actually the original business requirement for this software. It has proven to be very reliable, and taught us many business requirements from an enterprise point of view.


This license is a lifetime license, one-off, for private and enterprise use.


Enjoy the easy of making your life easier by satisfiying your stakeholders with their simple demand - the choice is yours!

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