We believe in simple solutions which are enterprise-ready. Many projects are being blocked by huge efforts for seemingly small tasks. Compared to start-ups and open source organisations, enterprises have lots of challenges which complicate the use of out-of-the-box tools. This can start with simple things like

  • use of Proxies
  • able to run as Services on Windows Servers
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Software Description
  • Config and Settings Explanation
  • Architecture Diagrams
  • Architecture Proposals
  • Communication Flows (from where to where via which Port(s)?)
  • Which rights are needed
  • Easy to understand Software goals
  • Keep it simple!
  • Use of Windows Installers
  • Licenses are not hardware-bound
  • no NIC MAC address
  • no Mainboard binding

At our company we believe that simple solutions can be easy to use both in an enterprise and non-enterprise world. We consequently implement those necessary features in our software to enable our customers to grow.
We aim to provide simple tools bound to one specific task. They mostly grew out of necessity we see from 21 years of experience in an enterprise world.

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